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RUIXIN Auto Parts factory is a professional brake system and filter manufacturer,specialized in air dryer, air brake valve,filter,wiper and other corresponding products within more than 15 years experience in China.Our products are strict in accordance with ISO/TS16949 Quality System as a criterion and have been exported around the world.

At RUIXIN,our team are committed to providing the highest level of customer service,competitive pricing and speedy delivery.Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

Your any feedback will help us to improve and we believe that your company is an extension of ours and your success is a reflection of our own efforts.Thus,we provide all necessary information & tools needed to meet your challenging task.We strive for providing the best customer experience using our expert knowledge along with a delicated team to deliver the qualified product.

This is demonstrated the most by the motto our customer service representatives' live by:

"It takes months to get a customer,but only seconds to lose one."
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